Crossroads of Europe


Crossroads of Europe
21 days/20 nights | Budapest to Vienna
7 Unique Countries, now closer than ever

Experience 7 amazing countries in one extraordinary vacation experience. Immerse yourself in a region rich in history and culture, where the landscapes you drive through are equally as breath-taking as the destinations we visit.

Each of these countries and destinations has its own flavor, energy, and uniqueness – you will be amazed by the diversity in this undiscovered corner of Europe.

Explore stunning architecture, taste the wide variety of cuisines, marvel at the diverse geography, from vast golden fields, to tall mountains and jagged coastline. Soak up these vibrant living traditions and cultures!



Buda and Pest: explore diverse and beautiful Budapest. Danube Cruise: see the city of Budapest lit up at night on a river cruise. Fiery Dances: see a folk performance in a Hungarian tavern or Czardas!!

Diverse history: discover the story of the city of Belgrade East meets West: unearth the Mix of cultures in Sarajevo Bosnian coffee: learn how the Bosnian’s drink their coffee in a masterclass City of Bridges: marvel at Mostar, and its historic bridge, uniting a divided city Unparalleled Beauty: explore the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea – Dubrovnik.

Secluded Bay: relax in Kotor Bay – a natural gem of Montenegro.

Roman classics: travel back in time in historic Split.

Sound of the Sea: listen to the mystical Sea Organ in Zadar.

Breathtaking Nature: admire the beautiful Plitvice National Park.

Cosmopolitan Vibes: see the modern side of Croatia in its capital – Zagreb!

Quaint charm: soak up the beautiful city of Ljubljana, Europe’s smallest capital

Apple Strudel: take a master class in how to make a traditional Viennese apple strudel!

Attend private concerts, cultural events, and workshops.

Crossroads of Europe


Welcome to the Balkans! Dive straight in with a grand Hungarian welcome in Budapest! Explore both the Buda and Pest sides of this beautiful, historic city; enjoy a sunset cruise down the Danube River. Experience traditional music and a folk performance in a Hungarian restaurant, or Czardas!


On the way to the capital of Belgrade, stop in Novi Sad – a beautiful town with a rich Austro-Hungarian legacy. Once in Belgrade – explore the fascinating city center, and listen to interesting stories that have shaped this city over time. A mix of old and new, you can check out ancient churches and hip underground bars, eat traditional kebabs, or eat at contemporary restaurants in the lively center.

DAY 6-7

Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, is a city with a diverse multicultural history. For over four hundred years, mosques, synagogues, Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches have stood side by side. Visit the “Tunnel of Hope” – a tunnel that allowed a flow of humanitarian aid into Sarajevo during the Siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War.


We’ll make a stop in Mostar – the majestic city of bridges and arches, where you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back into another century. Experience a traditional Bosnian coffee tasting at the famous Alma Café, and learn about the coffee culture of Bosnia as you sip coffee and taste Bosnian Delight.

DAY 9-19

Welcome to beautiful Croatia! Arriving in Dubrovnik, we can visit some of the many UNESCO Cultural Heritage sites Croatia has to offer. Take a day to explore Montenegro - a land where the mountains descend almost directly into the sea, creating a surreal landscape. We will explore many of Croatia’s ancient cities, including Split, Trogir, Klis, Hvar, Zadar, Plitvice and finally finishing off in Zagreb.

DAY 20

We’ll take a trip to Europe’s smallest country capital, the picturesque Ljubljana! Wander it’s many bridges in its historic center, relax in one of its many riverside café’s and watch the world go by.

DAY 21

Vienna is truly an impressive, imperial city. We will explore the stunning Schonbrunn Palace and other important architectural sites in Vienna’s historic center. You’ll get to round off your trip participating in an apple strudel-making lesson, and of course, tasting!