Highlights of Ukraine


Highlights of Ukraine
14 days/13 nights - Kyiv to Lviv

Ukraine is a country of rich variety, with so many diverse cities and regions, filled with fascinating customs and ancient traditions. This tour will give you a 14-day summary of the Highlights of Ukraine! From east to west, ranging from the golden domes of Kyiv to the quaint mountain villages of the Carpathian Mountains, the multicultural Chernivtsi, and the beautiful cobblestone Lviv. Discover the fantastic history that Ukraine has to offer, and get up-close and personal with the people and culture of this wonderful land.


Golden domes: explore the beautiful capital of Ukraine – Kyiv

Arts & Antiques: shop on the famous Andriyivskiy Uzviz – home to Kyiv’s artists and craftsmen

Traditional Zabava: dance and dine with the wonderful

Rozhanytsia Folk Group

Magical Buildings: marvel at the stunning University of Chernivtsi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Folk songs: hear the wonderful Gerdan

Ensemble performs in Chernivtsi.

Time Travel: admire the Kamyanets-Podilskyi and Khotyn fortresses.

Village visit: meet locals and learn to make ‘varenyky’ in the authentic Ukrainian village of Tulova

Hutsul home: attend a traditional dinner in the home of a Hutsul Family

Traditional arts: learn how to make traditional “lizhnyky” - woolen blankets in the village of Yavoriv.

Quaint streets: explore the charming and beautiful city of Lviv

Attend private concerts, cultural events, and workshops exclusively for Cobblestone freeway travelers.

Highlights of Ukraine


Start your journey in one of the most ancient cities of Eastern Europe - Kyiv. Ukraine’s capital and the former capital of Kyivan Rus is a beautiful and historic city that has played a key part in the nation’s defining moments. Explore its golden-domed streets, visit open-air museums, meet locals, and get to know this unique, cosmopolitan city at the heart of Ukraine.


Discover the multicultural Chernivtsi, full of charm and exciting Bukovinian-style arts. Explore the unique blend of cultures through this city’s cuisine and dance. Step into the spectacular university, and see how rulers lived at the medieval island fortress of Kamianets Podilsky. In the evening, enjoy a performance by the local folk song and dance ensemble, Gerdan! Their raw talent, authentic costumes, and Bukovinian style will amaze you.


Visit a traditional village deep in the Carpathian Mountains, and experience a lifestyle that has remained unchanged for centuries. Home to sweeping green forests, flowing rivers, and breath-taking waterfalls, it’s hard not to feel at one with nature when you inhale the fresh mountain air. This is the land of the Hutsuls, Boykos, and Lemkos. We will meet the local villagers, dance the Arkan (traditional Hutsul dance), and eat traditional food seated around one table. Enjoy the open hospitality of these mountain-dwelling people, and experience their simple way of life.


Explore the ancient city of Lviv. It has many names – Lemberg, the city of Lion, Lviv, – but under any name, Lviv has always been a city of love. Wander the historic city center, which is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, taste the best coffee and beer Ukraine has to offer, hide in small authentic cafes and visit the World’s Only Coffee Mine. Lviv truly is a city of a laid-back, café culture where you can pick a spot, relax, and watch the world go by.



Oct. 9 to Oct> 22, 2021


May 14 to May 27, 2022

June 10 to June 23, 2022

July 15 to July 28, 2022

Sept. 9 to Sept 22, 2022

Oct. 7 to Oct. 20, 2022


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