Canadian Crown Jewels Montreal, QC to Boston, MA


Canadian Crown Jewels

Montreal, QC to Boston, MA

11 Days


Cruise Summary

Phenomenal experiences lay in store for those who choose this epic 11-day adventure. Relish the charms of Montreal on your pre-voyage hotel stay, then prepare to be dazzled as the ship gets underway. On this trip, a naturalist joins us on board to enhance the sheer joy of gliding upon the St. Lawrence estuary – deep and teeming with marine life, including blue and beluga whales. The balance of the journey unwraps the gifts of Canada’s easternmost provinces and proffers the pleasures of Portland, Maine, including shopping in the Old Port District.



Hotel Stay in Montreal, QC

Enjoy a complimentary stay at the pre-cruise hotel. The evening allows time to become acquainted with the city. For your convenience, our Hospitality Desk will be located in the hotel, and our friendly staff can assist with everything from general questions about the upcoming voyage to reservation of premium experiences. Representatives will be available to provide suggestions for dining, entertainment, and sightseeing options to maximize your time here.


Embark in Montreal, QC

The St. Lawrence Seaway abuts land where old Europe meets contemporary design – in Montreal. Feel the pulse of this diverse and vibrant city on an optional pre-cruise premium experience. On a half-day driving tour, survey the splendor of the view from the Mount Royal Overlook, then slip beneath the metropolitan surface to explore Underground City and its dazzling array of shops, art venues, theaters and cafés. The medieval ambiance of the Gothic Revival Notre-Dame Basilica enchants all. Throughout the city, ornate edifices and alluring locations hint at Montreal’s wealth of cultural treasures.


Québec City, QC

The old-world charm of this ramparted enclave beckons visitors from around the globe. A French filler at heart – a glittering jewel brightening the banks of the St. Lawrence River. From a raised mound of earth, Château Frontenac towers toward the heavens over Upper Town, evoking the grandeur of a country estate. Traces of the city’s English heritage bloom in the mixed borders of the living artwork within Joan of Arc Garden. Just moments in the sleek gentility of this marvelous destination, and you’ll feel as if you were whisked across the Atlantic for a whirlwind European getaway.


Scenic Sailing on the St. Lawrence River

This area is a playground for many species of whales throughout the year. A naturalist will join us onboard near Tadoussac Village to share knowledge and enhance our encounters with marine life.


Scenic Sailing on the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Rocky walls rise up toward firmament, embracing those who venture onto this stunning span of water. Perhaps morning will dawn upon wispy mists of coastal fog to greet early risers. See where the day takes you – a brisk walk on the Sun Deck, a cozy pint in The Tavern or just watching the scenery slip past…let your mood shift with the breeze, indulging every whim.


Charlottetown, P.E.I.

The red-earthed muse of “Anne of Green Gables” sprouts opportunity for exploration. Charlottetown, planted within the Garden of the Gulf, invites travelers to rollick in whimsical architecture and rose-gold shorelines. Beachside vistas embrace emerald pastures while a charming city center boasts the boons of life as a port community. Stroll through downtown, allow the sounds of street performers to dance through the eardrums, and discover the seduction of ocean-to-table cuisine. An equipoise of big-city energy with quiet spaces awaits on the shorelines.


Scenic Sailing Through the Strait of Canso

Unwind in seascape and sunlight as the canvas of blue and green slips by. Scenic sailing reveals the uncommon beauty of the Strait of Canso. Daytime entertainment and regionally inspired cuisine rival anything on land. Take a fancy to sail, and enjoy this opportunity to venture beyond the cliffs.


Halifax, NS

Coastal living, rugged wilderness, and urban polish converge around Nova Scotia’s capital. Drink in the lively mix of historic and modern in the beating heart of this lively seaport. Bustling streets slope down toward indigo brine and oceanic splendor, stretching east into oblivion. Bathe in botanical beauty at the Public Gardens. The fortified summit of Citadel Hill – never needed for actual protection – stands as a testament to the peaceful nature of the nation. The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 offer their own remarkable perspectives.

Included Shore Excursions

  • Halifax Included Tour

The capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax has a rich culture that has generated an increase in the region's cruise popularity. Life in Halifax revolves around the sea. As you walk throughout the city streets, you will feel the sense of maritime history that emits from the docks, buildings, and coastal scenery. This exciting urban center is settled on the edge of the Atlantic coast and is one of the few places in the world where one can enjoy bustling city life and coastal relaxation on the same day.

  • Pristine Peggy’s Cove Tour

Depart from Nova Scotia’s capital city of Halifax to the charming coastal town of Peggy’s Cove. Enjoy the scenic ride as we make our way to one of the most iconic and picturesque places in Canada. Enjoy time at your leisure to explore the village’s many shops, attractions, and views. Before we depart, we will visit the Fairview Lawn Cemetery, the resting place of the victims of the infamous sinking of the RMS Titanic.


Scenic Sailing on the Atlantic Ocean

Set your cares adrift as the Victory I gently plies the waters, surrounded by seemingly endless horizon, on this relaxing day of ocean cruising.

DAY 10

Portland, ME

On a peninsula in Casco Bay, this darling of the Pine Tree State – formerly its capital – lends urban sensibility to the wild splendor of the craggy coastline beyond. At the Old Port waterfront, restaurants and revelry now fill the 19th-century warehouses. Stroll along cobblestone streets and breathe in the fresh scent of the sea. Perhaps catch the strains of some bluegrass or blues from a nearby bar while hardworking fishermen on the wharves catch the next day’s lunch. At Cape Elizabeth just to the south, the Portland Head Light stands as a beacon to the ocean’s travelers.

DAY 11

Boston, MA

As the journey concludes, there are other opportunities for you to take in the town. Enjoy the city at your leisure, or consider a post-cruise premium experience with airport transfer.


What's Included

Pre-voyage hotel night

Masterful regional cuisine with specialty and casual options

Entertainment each evening

Shore excursions in each port of call

Afternoon tea service

Cocktail hour daily

Complimentary non-premium beer, wine, spirits, tea, coffee, filtered water and soft drinks

Wi-Fi in all public areas

and many more features



October 4, 2022, Hotel Stay in Montreal, QC to October 14, 2022, Boston, MA

October 11, 2022, Hotel Stay in Montreal, QC to October 21, 2022, Boston, MA