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Therme Wien – Pure Wellness

If you’re looking for relaxation, then come to Therme Wien. Europe’s biggest and most modern city spa makes wellness dreams come true!

The sulphur healing springs in Viennawere popular even amongst the Romans. To enable them to be used, Therme Oberlaa was opened in 1974 in the south of Vienna. In 2010, this was converted to become Therme Wien: 26 pools, 24 sauna and steam rooms, 2,500 loungers and a 6,000 m2 health and fitness area make it the largest thermal baths in Austria.


The water’s natural warmth

Warmth is a barometer of mood.Our moods have a direct effect on how we perceive different water temperatures. But one thing is for certain: there’s no risk of goose bumps here! The pools range in temperature from 27 to 36 °C for a guaranteed feel good factor. The body is cocooned in warmth, so you can take a break from swimming and just lounge about in the water.

The stones & outdoor areas

Deep water workoutsare more efficient, burning calories in a shorter time. The water pressure even acts as a gentle tissue massage and dampens joint impact. We recommend getting in the exercise pool and joining in one of the classes. For more information on individual sessions visit: www.thermewien.at/thermenlandschaften/im-wasser-aktiv-sein

Sauna stones

Tense musclesmake for a tense disposition. Water hisses on the hot stone, the body is enveloped by warmth, soothing the soul. Sweat out the toxins of daily life, forget the rat-race, turn inwards and start reconnecting to yourself. Carried by the water, floating freely and free of cares. How easy it is to switch off while gently moving in warm water. Find places of refuge and rest; time to unwind.

Therme Wien Massage

Relaxation is one of the most valuable services our THERME WIEN spa can offer. With help from the most exclusive organic cosmetic lines and aimed massage treatments our therapist´s can calm and release emotional as well as psychological blockages and tensed muscles which eases your mind of stressful thoughts.

Therme Wien Med

General practitioners, specialist physicians and a skilled team of therapists offer leading medical therapies in our state-of-the-art treatment suites. Each programmed treatment is specially aligned to the individual patient’s specific needs with a view to alleviating discomfort and preventing the progression of existing medical conditions.

The Therme Wien Med facilities
Outpatient clinic for physical medicine
Outpatient spa treatments and therapies

Outpatient rehabilitation clinic and day centre
Centre for integrative medicine
Centre for rheumatic diseases
Ludwig Boltzmann Institute

At Therme Wien Med the emphasis is on hydrotherapeutic and balneotherapeutic treatments which use the Oberlaa thermal waters.

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