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The island or Ireland is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Britain, and to the extreme northwest of Europe.

The population is about 5,500.000. The capital of Ireland is Dublin on the east coast.

The climate of Ireland is influenced by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. Winters tend to be generally mild, and summers generally cool. Ireland uses the Euro, whilst Northern Ireland uses the Pound.

Irish has been the spoken language of Ireland for over two thousand years, and has an extensive literature stretching back to the seventh century. While Irish speakers are very much a minority in the Ireland of today, they have an importance to the cultural life of the nation far out of proportion to their numbers. Irish is by constitutional law the first official language of the Irish Republic, and was recently awarded official status in the Six Counties of Northern Ireland as a central part of the Good Friday Agreement. 

Ireland has one of the best performing economies in the industrialized world.  Within this high technology grouping, the most impressive growth has been achieved in the computer sector, with quite a number of world-leading companies now located in Ireland. There has also been a considerable expansion of output in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and engineering.

Irelandis divided into two separate countries, The Irish Republic (27,135 square miles, capital city Dublin, currency the Euro) and Northern Ireland (5,409 square miles, capital city Belfast, currency the Pound). Ireland is divided into four provinces - Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connaught and into 32 counties. The Republic of Ireland consists of 26 counties and Northern Ireland consists of 6 counties. 92% of the population of the Republic of Ireland are Roman Catholic, and 40% in Northern Ireland.


Favorite Holiday Packages in Ireland

Top Vacation Packages to Ireland

We can tailor a tour to meet your interests whether it be Golf, History, Arts & Literature, Culinary tours, Romantic Gateways and much more. 

Golf in Ireland is accessible to golfers of every skill level and every budget throughout all regions of the country. Golfers come to play, so let us choose the best place to stay, as well as arrange how to get there. With a wide range of golf vacation and golf travel packages available, you can play at some of Ireland’s world-renowned parkland and links golf courses from Mount Juliet to the K Club. With courses in some of the country’s most scenic areas, many of Ireland’s top golf resorts are also home to some of the country’s top fine-dining spots and premier wellness centers & spas, in locations known for their rich heritage. Tours can be customized to suit Group or Individual Travelers, Self-drive & Chauffeur drive options.

Self-Drive Vacations in Ireland A self-drive program to your exact specifications of accommodations & activities can be arranged from 5* Castle & Deluxe Hotel Accommodation to Bed and Breakfast & Self-Catering Accommodation.

Romantic Gateways Whether you are wishing to celebrate an anniversary or enjoy your honeymoon, Ireland is the perfect destination for your special romantic getaway. Experience the true elegance and magic of Ireland to refresh your mind, body, spirit and relationship. Ireland is a country of romance, with castles and legends, Old World hospitality and indulgent experiences, epic scenery and fairy trees. Ireland is a world of romantic mystique, Guinness, music, beautiful landscapes and winter evenings by the fire complete a romantic holiday in Ireland

Gourmet tour of Ireland For those passionate about food, Ireland will delight your taste – with fine artisan producers around the country, there is an abundance of locally grown, farmed & harvested foods. As an island, Ireland is also well known for its seafood cuisine. On the world stage, Ireland is internationally known for its Galway Oyster Festival as well as its famous long standing heritage of producing delectable malt whiskeys and creamy stout & liquors, such as Guinness & Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Cycling in Ireland, Ireland has more miles of road per square mile than any other country in the world. Also, even in the most mountainous areas, the roads do not rise very high above sea level, so cyclists have few hills to climb. Irish weather is excellent for an active holiday. It is rarely too hot in summer, or too cold in winter, to cycle. Nevertheless, don’t forget to bring good raingear. The scenery is wonderfully varied. There are mountains – though they are not high by Alpine standards (anything over 400m is a mountain in Ireland).  The countryside is full of pleasant, relaxed towns and villages, and most important, there are Ireland’s welcoming people, always glad of a chat, especially in the pub in the evening. The pub is also the place to hear the best Irish traditional music, especially in the West. The cyclist can find solitude and great beauty by following the minor roads, which are often ignored by the motorist, to discover hidden beauty spots, secluded beaches and secret ruins.

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